Japanese Red Hot Pot

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    • Brand HistorySince 2003
    • Store LocationsJapan
    • Investment LevelASK


    What is the AKAKARA RED HOT POT?
    AKAKARA RED HOT POT is a specialty dish that 80% of our customers order because of its addictive flavor with plenty of ingredients in our signature broth, which is a blend of 32 spices, including chili peppers, based on our characteristic miso paste, and is extremely spicy. Also there are 10 spicy levels, our customers challenge the higher next time until finding the right fit for myself.


    Advantages etc

    Popular as a stable business
    In the 20 years since the first store opened in 2003, the number of stores has expanded to approximately 250, and 85% of franchise owners operate multiple stores in this stable business.


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    Hajime Kobayashi
    Hajime Kobayashi
    CEO from Biz Rise Co., Ltd.

    Born in Tokyo. After working as a store operations supervisor, employee training instructor, property developer, and store opener at franchisors in various industries such as retail, service, and food & beverage, he was in charge of setting up franchisors and served as a director of a franchise consulting company before establishing Biz Rise Co., Ltd. in 2013. Currently, he provides a wide range of consulting services, including the conversion of corporate businesses into multiple stores (franchising), new business proposals for corporations and individuals, the realization of business concepts, and commercial facility renewal projects. The situations of companies and the ideas of their managers are diverse. While responding flexibly, I believe in a method of gradually approaching solutions to problems that are difficult to solve with a straightforward approach by using a "changing ball.

    東京都出身。小売り、サービス、飲食など、様々な業種のフランチャイズ本部にて、店舗運営スーパーバイザー、社員教育インストラクター、物件開発、店舗出店などを経験し、フランチャイズ本部立上げの責任者、フランチャイズコンサル会社の役員を経て、2013年に株式会社Biz Riseを設立。現在は、法人自社ビジネスの多店舗化(フランチャイズ化)、法人及び個人への新規事業提案、ビジネス構想の具現化、商業施設リニューアルプロジェクトなど幅広い相談に対応している。企業の状況や経営者の考えは多種多様です。臨機応変に対応しながら、直球では解決が困難なことを「変化球」を用いて徐々に解決に近づける手法を信条としています。