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    Brand Info.

    • Brand HistorySince 2010
    • Store LocationsThailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia
    • Investment LevelASK


    The 1st Mezzo Cafe opened in 2008 90 Locations. "Fresh. Delicious. Just For You."
    - World Class Quality Coffee Beans, from Thailand's Northern mountains.
    - The beans are roasted often, in small batches. Having a short “from roasting to cup” time, we are able to offer the ultimate coffee experience.
    - Mezzo offers unique products, such as Thai Style Coffee, Thai Milk Tea, American Style Brownies, Cornflakes Cookies, and so on.
    - We only use "real butter" in all products, for the health of the customers.
    - Flexible Business Development Policy. Willingness to adapt to local rules & regulations, in order to help Mezzo’s partners succeed in each international market.

    2008年、メゾカフェ1号店オープン 90店舗展開 "新鮮。おいしい。Just For You."
    - タイ北部の山岳地帯で生産された世界最高品質のコーヒー豆。
    - その豆を少量ずつ、頻繁に焙煎しています。焙煎からカップに注ぐまでの時間を短くすることで、究極のコーヒー体験を提供することができるのです。
    - タイスタイルコーヒー、タイミルクティー、アメリカンスタイルブラウニー、コーンフレーククッキーなど、Mezzoの商品はユニークなものばかりです。
    - お客様の健康を考え、すべての商品に「本物のバター」だけを使用しています。
    - 柔軟な事業展開方針。Mezzoのパートナーが国際市場で成功するために、現地の規則や規制を積極的に取り入れています。

    Advantages etc

    We hand drip the coffee instead of using an espresso machine, to achieve a smooth & delicious taste. We also offer tea, Matcha, and other premium quality beverages, at affordable prices.

    - Best Taste & Quality, at the Best Prices!
    From years of experience, we are able to source the best ingredients at reasonable prices. Therefore, our drink prices are affordable for the intended Premium Mass market.

    - Built on the well known Mezzo brand name, and a large customer base.
    By sharing the same membership system, MezzoX has a quick start, and does not have to start from scratch.

    - Diversified Selling Channels
    Including store front, and delivery apps such as: GRAB, GET, and Food Panda, etc.

    - Management with Proven Track Record, and a Strong Support Team
    With over 12 years in the F&B business, our team has developed and managed almost 100 cafes. We are able to train, advise, and give strong support to the franchisees.

    - Locations for MezzoX Drip Cafe
    Our basic unit uses regular electricity, does not require water/drainage; so it's very flexible. It may be part of a restaurant, an office, or a hotel. Minimum space requirement is only 8 sqm, it can be opened just about anywhere.


    - 最高の味と品質を、ベストプライスで。

    - Mezzoのブランド名と、多くの顧客基盤を基盤としています。

    - 多様な販売チャネル
    店頭販売、デリバリーアプリを含む。GRAB、GET、Food Pandaなどのデリバリーアプリなど。

    - 実績のある経営陣と強力なサポートチーム

    - MezzoXドリップカフェの設置場所

    Contact Agent

    Patarachet Soodsanguan (Earth)
    Patarachet Soodsanguan (Earth)
    CEO/Co-Founder from Star Avalon Co., Ltd.

    20 years experience in Digital Business industry with engineering background. Working experience with leading companies in Thailand. Also in charge of Business Development Manager for oversea tech company; He was the first to pioneer the franchise business in Myanmar. With over 7 years of business experience in Myanmar.