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    Texas Chicken
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    Texas Chicken

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    • Brand HistorySince 1952
    • Store Locations25 countries, more than 1,550 stores
    • Investment LevelASK


    Founded in San Antonio, Texas (USA) in 1952, Church’s/Texas Chicken is a highly recognized brand name in the QSR sector, and is the second largest geographically located quick service chicken concept in the world. Church’s Chicken serves traditional Southern and Spicy Fried Chicken with a focus on offering complete meals with large portions at low prices and is positioned as the Value Leader in the Chicken QSR category. The Church’s Chicken system will have over 1,550 locations in 25 countries, with system sales in excess of $1.3 billion. Internationally we operate as Church’s and Texas Chicken.

    Church's/Texas Chickenは、1952年に米国テキサス州サンアントニオで創業し、QSR分野において高い認知度を誇るブランドであり、地理的にも世界で2番目に大きいクイックサービスチキンをコンセプトとした店舗です。Church's Chickenは、伝統的なSouthern Fried ChickenとSpicy Fried Chickenを提供しており、低価格で大容量の完全食を提供することに重点を置き、チキンQSRカテゴリーにおけるバリューリーダーと位置づけられています。Church's Chickenのシステムは、25カ国で1,550店舗以上を展開し、システム売上高は13億ドルを超える予定です。国際的にはChurch's ChickenとTexas Chickenとして展開しています。

    Advantages etc

    Known for its Southern-style chicken, Church’s also serves Southern specialties including fried okra, coleslaw, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob, Jalapeño Cheese Bombers, and its unique Honey Butter Biscuits. In 2005, Church’s Chicken launched an array of spicy chicken products. Internationally, Church’s Chicken serves a complete line of classic and spicy products, including various sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast items, and combination platters.

    Church'sは南部スタイルのチキンで知られ、フライドオクラ、コールスロー、グレービーソース入りマッシュポテト、コーンオンザコブ、ハラペーニョチーズボンバー、独自のハニーバタービスケットなどの南部名物料理も提供しています。2005年には、Church's Chickenはスパイシーチキン製品の数々を発売しています。海外では、サンドイッチ、ラップ、サラダ、朝食メニュー、コンビネーションプラッターなど、定番商品からスパイシーな商品まで、幅広いラインナップを取り揃えています。

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    Sean T. Ngo, MBA
    Sean T. Ngo, MBA
    CEO/Co-Founder from VF Franchise Consulting

    Mr.Sean T. Ngo is an American citizen for over 40 years. He has worked extensively in the USA and Asia, and has over 25 years of professional experience at Fortune 500 companies as well as having started his own businesses. His core competencies in franchising include franchise sales and marketing, franchise broker, franchise operations, strategic planning, negotiations, entrepreneurship, business development, finance, project management, and general management. He is also frequent speaker at many international franchising events and forums hosted by industry and government throughout Asia.