International Canadian Academy(インターナショナル・カナディアン・アカデミー)

    International Canadian Academy
    Bilingual Education
    International Canadian Academy

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    • Brand HistorySince 2000
    • Store LocationsNorth Americas, South Americas
    • Investment LevelASK


    Canada has a long and successful story of quality and bilingual education. Canadian students are among the highest achievers in international tests.

    The International Canadian Academy (ICA) provides schools with a high-standard and forward-looking bilingual model based on Canadian and International most effective and up-to-date practices. At ICA, we guarantee the continuous improvement of our programs, training and resources to adapt to the world's changing reality. From Day 1, we provide schools with ongoing support and effective tools to implement a new kind of school.

    ・Early Childhood Full Curriculum
    ・Early Childhood and ELA Student Activities
    ・Pedagogical short videos and other instructional media and guidance materials.
    ・Grade 1-12 English Language Arts Lessons
    ・Digital Media Academy Full Curriculum
    ・Digital Media Academy Certification for Schools
    ・Guidance on how to use third party materials
    ・Curated online resources about Education
    ・Online Global Community Platform for all ICA Educators


    ・幼児期および ELA 学生のアクティビティ
    ・デジタル・メディア・アカデミー フル・カリキュラム

    Advantages etc

    A strategic partnership to reshape education
    At the International Canadian Academy, our mission is to develop a model of school that enables learners to foster the lifelong competencies they need to thrive in their life.

    Our franchising model is based on the most effective Canadian and International practices. We provide our franchisees with all the materials, support and professional learning they need to operate transformative institutions.



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    Sean T. Ngo, MBA
    Sean T. Ngo, MBA
    CEO/Co-Founder from VF Franchise Consulting

    Mr.Sean T. Ngo is an American citizen for over 40 years. He has worked extensively in the USA and Asia, and has over 25 years of professional experience at Fortune 500 companies as well as having started his own businesses. His core competencies in franchising include franchise sales and marketing, franchise broker, franchise operations, strategic planning, negotiations, entrepreneurship, business development, finance, project management, and general management. He is also frequent speaker at many international franchising events and forums hosted by industry and government throughout Asia.