mango chili Thai Cafe(マンゴー・チリ・タイ・カフェ)

    mango chili Thai Cafe
    Thai Street Food
    mango chili Thai Cafe

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    • Brand HistorySince 2018
    • Store LocationsNapal and China
    • Investment LevelASK


    Mango Chili Thai Cafe is a fun, vibrant social dining space where groups of friends and families can come together and enjoy simple, easy yet original Thai street food.

    As a part of Mango Tree and COCA worldwide, Mango Chili Thai Cafe offers easy and simple Thai food from the streets of Thailand, inviting global diners to experience Thai street food just as the locals do.

    With unique approach to cooking Thai dishes, along with rustic yet vibrant concept of the restaurant, Mango Chili Thai Cafe will assure dinners of a fun and exciting dining experience with fast and casual Thai street food in a fun and affordable way, just as they would find in Thailand.

    Mango Chili Thai Cafeは、友人同士や家族で集まり、シンプルで簡単、かつオリジナリティあふれるタイのストリートフードを楽しめる、楽しくて活気のあるソーシャルダイニングスペースです。

    Mango TreeとCOCAワールドワイドの一員として、Mango Chili Thai Cafeはタイのストリートから簡単でシンプルなタイ料理を提供し、世界中のお客様に地元の人たちと同じようにタイのストリートフードを体験していただけるようお誘いしています。

    タイ料理に対するユニークなアプローチと、素朴でありながら活気に満ちた店のコンセプトにより、Mango Chili Thai Cafeは、タイで味わうような、楽しくてカジュアルなタイのストリートフードを、楽しくてお得な方法で味わえることをお約束します。

    Advantages etc

    In the 17th century in Thailand, during the reign of King Narai the Great, this popular dish made its way to the tables of the ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya. Impressed by visiting Chinese merchants’ natural skills in preparing such a fragrant and succulent noodle dish, the Thai people adopted and adapted the original recipe for Beef Noodle Soup to suit their taste, adding local ingredients that made it their own.

    From fancy restaurants to street stalls Thai grilled meats and the great dips that go with them are a staple in Thai cuisine and society. Our BBQ concept focuses on these uniquely regional styles of grilled meats from Gai Yang (Thai marinated BBQ Chicken) to the famous for Kor Moo Yang “Grilled Pork Neck”.



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